How it started

This is how it started

LoopLabz is a full stack software development company founded in 2019 by entrepreneurs Felix Forsgren, Felicia Forsgren and Filip Waldelius. We were born from the idea that development abroad can be done in a people-centered and integrated way that doesn’t sacrifice in-house quality.

How we work

This is how we work

We connect top tier talent in Asia with clients all over Europe. Since our start we have had the pleasure to work with clients that range from solo entrepreneurs to publicly traded companies. We currently have offices in Stockholm, Umeå, Marbella, Jhelum and Islamabad.

Meet The Team

Felix Forsgren


Felicia Forsgren

Account Executive

Filip Waldelius

Head Of Marketing

Habib Ullah


Daniela Nattsén

SEO Specialist

Maria Nestorudi

Project Manager

Dylan Harrocks

Creative Director

Asad Rehman


Filip Djordjevic

Content Specialist

David Gadyan

Data Scientist

Julia Vasilieva

Data Engineer

Ilya Cheburaev

Data Engineer

Aries Panaligan

API Developer


Data Engineer

M. Zohaib

Full-stack Developer

M. Bilal

Full-stack Developer

Junaid Ali

Full-stack Developer

Kalim Khan

Full-stack Developer


Full-stack Developer

Kamalkant Jaiswal

Full-stack Developer

M. Rehan

Full-stack Developer

Waleed Shadab

QA Analyst