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We help you generate 20-30% of your sales every month via email

This is how we help you

We combine a good brand story with email automation to achieve your goals. To succeed in this, 4 things are required.

Tracking & Optimisation
Data-driven way of working


Everything the customer sees and hears from your brand must have the same voice, tone and focus.

To achieve this, we go through your material on other channels such as Facebook, your website, and other social media to be able to build on your story about why you exist and why you care about the customer and what problem you solve for the customer. This so we have the same tone in your email marketing.

Tracking & Optimisation

All marketing needs correct tracking for optimization to take place. 

We solve all this and will be able to report daily and weekly what your email marketing generates in traffic and sales. With good tracking, the optimisation work also becomes rewarding. It is easy to see over time how flows and campaigns generate more money and have a higher opening frequency.

Data-driven way of working

We make sure that all emails sent by your company reach the right customer at the right time.

This may sound obvious, but we know from experience that it is rarely the case with many companies. We help you divide your customers into different segments so that they get the right message at the right time. For example, we want to send a completely different message to someone who has never bought a product from you compared to someone who seems to be about to make their 6th purchase.


In order for the customer to receive a certain message at exactly the right time, automations are required. 

In short, when the customer performs certain behaviors on your website or other platform, we track this and send out a customised message via email. The most common example of this is the so-called “abandon cart” email. This message is triggered when someone puts a product in the shopping cart but does not complete the purchase within 30 minutes. These customers are good to follow up with, and remind them that they should complete their purchase.

If you have read this far, you are probably starting to get curious about what email marketing could do for your business..

As I said, it is common among our clients that their email marketing accounts for 20-30% of their total sales after we have implemented our strategies. If you want to find out how we can set up the same system for you, I suggest you click on the contact us button so we can talk more.

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