How much does a web developer cost & what affects the price?

How much does a web developer cost & what affects the price?

What does a website developer cost to hire?


You are in the stage of building your website and have now chosen to search for a web developer to build it for you. You get several quotes from different players but now want to know one thing: What does a web developer cost per hour?


What does a web developer cost?

A web developer usually costs between 60 – 100 EUR / hour. What determines the price consists, among other things, of how experienced the web developer is, as well as knowledge in the form of how many programming languages ​​he handles. An expensive web developer is usually better as he works faster.


If it is a longer or ongoing assignment, it is common to set a fixed price for the project where the corresponding hourly price would then be cheaper. If you are interested in knowing more about a fixed price for your project, you can read more in our article on how to create a website for a fixed price.


What affects the hourly rate?


Developer’s Knowledge

Depending on the agency’s or consultant’s knowledge, the hourly rate is affected. If the web developer has good knowledge, he will know flexible solutions for what you demand and when it comes to developing more complex functions, it will be developed in a way that makes it easy for you to handle and facilitate possible changes in the future.


Developer’s Experience

This is an important factor regarding how the hourly rate is designed but also the web developer’s approach. Experience could be measured in how long the developer has worked but also how many projects he has carried out.


A more experienced web developer will easily be able to create an understanding of what you want to have developed and know possible “workarounds” when it comes to developing more complex functions where the developer may not have direct knowledge within.


These two factors are broadly what determine a web developer’s hourly rate and go hand in hand with each other when it comes to a web developer’s overall competence. This means that a web developer’s competence will reflect how he builds a website and how effectively he can carry out the project.


Now that you know what affects what a web developer costs per hour, you can hopefully start taking a stand on all the quotes and have a greater understanding of the total cost of the website.


If you have a website you need help creating, you are always welcome to contact us to start a discussion.

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