Facebook Advertisement

To advertise on facebook actually refers to a combination of advertisements on both Facebook and instagram. A combined help of both these platforms enables you to reach the specific target audience you want and reach your goals.

How to succeed with this marketing channel

Marketing Strategies
Target audiences
optimisation and scaleup

It is important to test, and optimise these things together with continuous analysis in Facebook Ads Manager. When all the above are set in place and prover to perform, you have added a powerful marketing tool to your marketing mix.

You can target ads towards the right audience in all the different customer journey stages, whether it concerns prospecting as well as retargeting. You get to take part in measurable results that clearly show if your investment is paying off. When all of this is tested and proven it is time to scale up and increase your profitability.


We develop marketing strategies with the foundation of long-term and profitable advertising. A combination of our knowledge in Facebook, digital marketing and insights about your brand makes us able to create this.

Target Audience Analysis

With insights about your current customer audience we can optimise and find your target audience Facebook
and instagram

Our focus is simple:
– Return on investment
– Long-term performance
– Continuously gather new data about your customers to optimise which people will be watching your ads


We are making sure that your content is adapted for both Facebook and Instagram. We will either customize
your current content or create simpler videos and images for your brand.

Optimisation and Scale Up

A groundbreaking concept for profitable advertising is to constantly update and keep track of the results
and optimise after this. When this is proven we will help you scale up your profitability.

Advertising that convert

The beautiful thing with Facebook advertising is the possibility of measurable results. We can measure click and reach, but in the end all forms of advertising have the same goal in terms of profitability. Achieving profitable results differs depending on what type of business you conduct and what your offers are.

Getting insights into your business and understanding what you want to achieve is always the first step when starting a collaboration with us. This will lay the foundation for us to base our strategy on. The next step is to come up with the most suitable strategy for your brand.

Optimise for the Right Actions

To set the right expectations of advertising in terms of KPI:s is key in order to measure and optimise towards
your goal. One form of KPI is “Purchase” while another can be “website visitors” or getting people to fill in
a contact form. Your business model and sales cycle will decide this outcome.

Following the Customer Journey

In order to achieve conversations, it is important to keep track of where in the customer journey each specific target audience is. It can take some time and customers may need repeated contact before we can generate conversations.

Long Term Perspective

A balance between reaching out to new customers andĀ  continuously engagingĀ  existing customers is key to long-term and profitableĀ  advertising.

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