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How to build a new website – or let us do it for you

If you’re thinking of buying a new website but do not know quite how to go about it? Among other things, it is important that you have an idea of ​​how you want the website to look based on your target group. Also ask for a fixed price for the project when you receive quotes.

In this guide, we will go through what to think about and how to go about buying a new website.

LoopLabz creates a new website for you

We at LoopLabz know how important it is to have a new website that is trustworthy, brings customers and profitability. It is important at the beginning that you find the right web agency that can understand the website project’s purpose and form a plan together with you.

There are also some important questions you should have thought about, or have a reasonably good answer to before you buy or build a new website.

8 important questions for creating a new website

  1. What are the website’s goals? Generating leads, sales or any other goal is important to sort out.
  2. Think about which platform the website should be built on. We recommend WordPress.
  3. Think about the size of the website, how many subpages?
  4. Are there any features and add-ons to add? For example, booking system, payment solution or an online store.
  5. Think about what design your website should have. A simple and understandable design is usually a good idea. Our article with tips on web design is a good resource if you want to learn more about best practice for web page design.
  6. Will you be in need of future support and development? This is something we can help you with.
  7. Ask for the form of compensation to be a fixed price. It is then predetermined and safer.
  8. What is your budget for buying a website? Without a fixed budget, it is difficult to set realistic goals.

Website at a fixed price

As mentioned above, it is good to ask for a fixed price for the project, and we will now explain why. Website at a fixed price means that you agree on a fixed cost for the whole website at the beginning of the project, and you then know what to expect from it.

You will thus know the total cost in advance, which creates predictability and security. This is especially an advantage if you have a larger project. You know what you are expected to pay and can budget accordingly.

You should also check what is included in these fixed prices. It will always vary from agency to agency, it is therefore important that you check what is included in the price. It can be anything from how many subpages are included, what platform it is built on, functions and how many design hours are included.

Things that are always included with us

If you are interested in buying a website from us at LoopLabz, we always offer:

  • Fixed price – It should be safe, no hidden costs or fees.
  • Unique website – We adapt the website to your business needs.
  • Admin friendly – It should be easy for you to change things on the website.
  • Website within 14 days – For smaller websites, we often have a first draft within 14 days.

The packages we offer at a fixed price

Basic package – EUR 499

  • Own domain
  • Set up web hosting
  • WordPress website or optional platform
  • 4 subpages or one page
  • Mobile-
  • adapted Text and image help
  • Linking social media
  • Google maps
  • Email accounts
  • Contact
  • form Search-optimized
  • Up to 5 hours design
  • Test and publication
  • Satisfied customer guarantee!

Standard package – EUR 1295

  • Own domain
  • Set up web hosting
  • WordPress website or optional platform
  • 8-12 subpages or one page
  • Mobile-adapted
  • Text and image help
  • Link social media
  • Google maps
  • Email accounts
  • Contact
  • form Search-optimized
  • Up to 15 hours design
  • Images and graphics
  • Link Google Analytics
  • Link of widget
  • Test and publication
  • Satisfied customer guarantee!

Tailor-made package – Quote

  • Own domain
  • Set up web hosting
  • WordPress or optional
  • Free number of subpages
  • Mobile-adapted
  • Text and image help
  • Email accounts
  • Search-optimized
  • Free design hours and suggestions
  • Tracking for Google and Facebook
  • E-commerce
  • Self-developed functions
  • Self-developed extensions
  • Satisfied customer guarantee

Do you have a website you need help with creating? You are always welcome to contact us to start a discussion.

Frequently asked questions

Can I order a new website in WordPress?

With us, you can order a new website in WordPress from EUR 499. We always give you a fixed price proposal with an accurate specification of everything that is included as well as a time frame. You can always choose whether you want your website built on WordPress or another platform.

Is my new website mobile-friendly?

No matter how much you pay for your new website, you will always get a mobile-friendly website from us. Today, more and more people use their mobile when they surf around and we know the importance of having a good mobile-adapted version of your website.

How much does a new e-commerce website cost from us?

A simple website optimized for e-commerce costs around EUR 1500 – 2000. What determines whether the price becomes more expensive is the number of functions and complexity of the website, the number of subpages and other integrations.

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