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Responsive website design – the importance of a responsive website!

You who run a website, or are considering starting a website, have probably come into contact with the term “responsive website”. Regardless of whether you are planning to hire a web developer or build a free website yourself, it is important to understand what a responsive website is. We explain this in this article.

What is responsive website design?

Responsive website design means that your website adapted to the different screens and window sizes used by the visitor on the website. This means that your website looks just as good, no matter what device your visitors are browsing with.

In other words, it does not matter if the visitor views your web page with a small phone or a desktop computer with a large screen. Your website looks just as good on both.

Responsive vs adaptive design?

Your website can have either a responsive or adaptive design. Responsive design flexibly adapts all design elements to the size of the screen. Adaptive design is not as compliant, but changes size and resolution at certain breakpoints.

Why is responsive design important?

Responsive design is important because website visitors no longer just surf through the computer, even if they did, today’s computer screens vary so much in size that the website will not look good on all screens.

In addition, more than half of all traffic today consists of mobile devices, so it is important to have a mobile friendly website with a responsive design.

4 Benefits of a Responsive Website

  1. The same website for each device. Regardless of whether your visitor surfs via a 27-inch iMac or an Android mobile screen, the website’s interface is adapted for optimal user experience.
  2. Optimal appearance for the device. With responsive web design, all images, fonts and other HTML elements are scaled in a suitable way to take advantage of the user’s screen size.
  3. No need for redirects. With responsive web design, you as a visitor do not have to be redirected depending on which device you surf through. With this, visitors do not have to sit and wait while new pages load.
  4. More cost effective. Since everything is in the same layout, you or a developer do not need to make changes and updates in more than one place, and it will be easier to keep the website up to date. It takes less working time as soon as something needs to be changed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are wordpress websites responsive?

The theme you choose for your website determines whether it is responsive or not. If you use a standard WordPress theme, the answer is yes, if you use a different theme, you need to test whether it is responsive or not by comparing how your website looks on different devices.

How do I know if my site is responsive?

You can easily find out by performing Google’s mobile friendliness test here for free. For more information or advice regarding responsiveness on your website or something else, you can contact us here.

Is it more expensive to have a responsive website?

No, on the contrary, it is more cost effective. Since everything is in the same layout, you or a developer do not need to make changes and updates in more places than one, which requires less time working as soon as something needs to be changed. it will also be easier to keep the website up to date.

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