We help you create WordPress-Plugins!【Free Quote!】

We help you create WordPress-Plugins!【Free Quote!】

We will help you with WordPress plugin development


WordPress Plugins, or extensions as they are also called, are pieces of software and packages of codes that broaden the basic features of WordPress. They allow you to use the features found in WordPress without changing the very core of WordPress. Plugins are created from, for example, PHP code, CSS or JavaScript.


In this article, you will learn more about, among other things, how to order WordPress extensions, as well as the types of WordPress extensions we develop.


There are very many good plugins for WordPress that give you access to various functions. To see the different variants and understand how they can make your website better, you search through WordPress’ own Plugin directory.


There are both free plugins and plugins that can be bought, however, they are in varying quality, but are fortunately easy to test when the code is available. We will explain this further in our Guide on WordPress for those of you who are interested.


What WordPress plugins are we developing?

We develop custom plugins. This means that the plugin does exactly what you want it to do, you have full control over the quality and continued development of the plugin. The plugin is tested and adapted to the theme you use, and only functions that benefit you are in the plugin.


Why buy a custom plugin when there are already free plugins?

This is perhaps a question that arises. The answer is that many plugins are designed to solve many different problems, for many different users. Plugins with so many features that want to solve so many problems at the same time often lead to compatibility problems. This almost always means that the performance of your website will be significantly worse. It becomes especially noticeable when you install several different plugins on a website with a lot of traffic.


So this is true; the more general plugins you use, the worse the performance of your website. It often becomes slow, which leads to your visitors leaving the website. If you suspect that this may be a reason why your WordPress website is slow, you can read more about how we can help you with that in our help article for WordPress.



How we help you with plugins

Wordpress plugins can be both simple and complex. Depending on what you are looking for for functions for your website, we tailor a completely custom plugin for you and your website. We pay attention to every detail and component of your website to deliver a flawless plugin that does not degrade the performance of your website, but on the contrary increases performance instead. This is because we optimize the plugin for speed and user-friendliness.


Plugins are also a great way to integrate your website with other systems. For example, if you want to download or scrape information from somewhere online and then present it to the visitor on your website, we can create a plugin that does that.


We can also help you by optimizing existing plugins. We do this by excluding unnecessary components, and put together separate plugins that work well together. If you need advice regarding WordPress plugins or if you want to develop a customized plugin, you can contact us.


Answers to frequently asked questions


Can you buy a website with plugins from you?

You can buy a website from us, which also includes plugins that we tailor and develop for you and your business. If you already have a website and just want to buy one or more plugins from us, that’s fine too. We help you from start to finish with installation and integration.


Can I buy plugins at a fixed price?

You can buy wordpress extensions at a fixed price, just as you can buy websites at a fixed price from us. If you want to buy a plugin at a fixed price, it is a good idea to contact us for a quote, where you will find out both the final price and what it costs.


Who owns the plugin after you have developed it?

If you buy a custom plugin from us, you own it. Just like when you buy a website from us or other products, it is you who owns it when you have paid for it.

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