Free website → Complete guide for building a free website

Free website → Complete guide for building a free website

How to build a free website

Today, there are several ways to build a website for free where it is not a requirement that you have a lot of technical knowledge. It is common to build via a website program or WordPress if you have basic knowledge in building a website. For those of you who are looking for a simple website or possibly have a tight budget, these are options for you.


Create website for free with a website program

If this is the first time you are going to build a new website and you are unsure where to start, a website program can be a start for you. Using website programs has its advantages in its simplicity.

Here you can build your own website for free, and it’s simple. There is usually a “drag and drop” function which means that you can easily drag images and text into finished templates. You can also easily work with color fonts and fonts.


Most website programs offer free subscriptions that give you access to templates, certain apps / plugins, certain blog tools and certain marketing tools. Of course, what is included in these free subscriptions varies from different website programs, but for example Wix is ​​a service that offers many of its functions and templates for creating your own website for free.


However, there are some limitations with these website programs and often not everything you may need to build a website is included in these free subscriptions. Non-free functions could be receiving access to all templates, different tools and functions, where you’ll need to start a paid subscription.

We would like to point out that if you are going to build a simple website, for example a one page with text and some pictures, you can be within the framework of what these free subscriptions offer, but most often you will eventually need some function that will cost.


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Create a website for free with WordPress


The second option to building a website for free is via WordPress. Basically, WordPress is the most popular and easiest way to create your website. WordPress is a so-called Content Management System (CMS) with open source code, which means you can use or change WordPress software free of charge.


There may be a certain learning curve for you who are a beginner, but if you are looking to build a relatively simple website, you can build it for free, excluding the time you’ll need to put down on creating it. It is of course an advantage if you have some technical knowledge from before when it comes to basics in image editing, CSS and HTML.


If you as a beginner want a more design-rich, responsive and functional website, we recommend that you consider buying a cheap website from us instead. We will help you with installing various extensions / plugins to improve the website. Usually these extensions / plugins are associated with a cost to use.


If you are looking for a website with more complex functions and your own design, we recommend that you instead choose to buy a website. It takes a long time to acquire the technical knowledge to develop such a website and should be considered as an investment. You then have the opportunity to spend time on things that drive your business forward while you invest in a well-made website.


If you are interested in buying a website, regardless of its scope, you are always welcome to contact us to start a discussion.


Frequently asked questions


What is the best way to build a free website?

The best way to build a free website according to us at Looplabz is via a CMS where WordPress is advantageous to build your website on. Here you can create your website with few limitations and there are hundreds of free plugins / extensions that can be used.


How to build a website for free?

You can build a website via a CMS like WordPress, but there are also website programs where you can create simpler websites. All too often the free versions are limited if you want to add various features. If you create in WordPress, there are hundreds of free plugins / extensions that can help your website.


Can I create a free website myself?

Yes you can create a free website yourself, but be prepared to put in time and be willing to learn in the meantime. There are programs that allow you to create simple websites for a slightly more difficult system where it requires more time to learn.

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