Good website design → Good website designs 2023

Good website design → Good website designs 2023

Good looking websites 2021 – examples and inspiration!


It only takes a few seconds before a visitor has an idea of ​​whether or not your website is attractive. But it is not only the visual that is important, because a website must also offer the right features to its visitors.


In this article, we tell you what makes a website design look good, and we also give you 20 concrete examples of good website designs that are both functional and good looking design-wise.


5 things a good website design must meet

  1. Most of the web pages should have the same color language. A uniform design is the key when it comes to developing great looking websites.
  2. The website must be responsive. This is to make it look good even on mobiles and tablets. A website that is responsive gives a nice and uniform expression.
  3. The page should have no more than 3 fonts. One font for body text, and another for headings are usually sufficient.
  4. The menu should be logical and easy to find. In addition, all important pages should be in the menu.
  5. The website must fulfill its function. It should be easy to book trips on a booking site, and just as easy to buy products at an e-commerce store.

We have these tips and more in mind when we create a new website for you.


3 benefits of having a great looking website

  1. Conversions increase. This means that more people choose to shop in your e-commerce store, or order services if that is what your company offers.
  2. The visitors will return. Visitors who experience your website as good-looking and easy to navigate usually choose to visit your page again, instead of one of your competitors’ pages.
  3. Your brand is strengthened. This is because the visitor sees your website as an extension of your business. So if your website is good looking and functional, then your brand is strengthened.


Good website design: Form and function

A nice website that visitors find difficult to use has failed, and the same applies to easy-to-use websites that are not looking good. Successful websites should be both attractive and functional.


More specifically, the visitor should be impressed by the design, while also understanding how the website works and is structured. We are happy to take a chat with you regarding these considerations, if you choose to buy a website from us.


Inspiration: 20 examples of good design websites that are also functional

1. Netonnet.se


Netonnet.se has a uniform and nice design. The product categories are easy to find, and it is easy to pay via the checkout page. Netonnet’s website is the archetype of what is classified as a stylish and functional e-store.


2. Apotea.se


Apotea offers an easy-to-navigate and clear e-commerce store, which everyone understands the layout of regardless of previous habits of shopping online. This online pharmacy has won several awards for its web design, which we think is logical.


3. Dropbox.com


It is easy to navigate the Dropbox website, and it is also easy to register a user account. In addition to this, the design is uniform, with good color choices.


3. Mat.se


Mat.se has a uniform and symmetrical structure, and it is easy to create a user account. We also like that visitors can see what the products cost, from store to store. This website is successful in every way.


4. Klarna.se


Klarnas website is not only nice, because visitors can easily download their application, and see which e-shops collaborate with Klarna. When it comes to lead generation, that is, getting visitors to do what the company wants (in this case, they should download the app), there are few websites that beat Klarna on this.


5. Partykungen.se


Partykungen’s online store is perfectly targeted to the target group, it’s also easy to navigate. A stylish menu is interspersed with equally stylish and responsive product boxes. It is noticeable that the Party King has succeeded with this web design.


6. Tesla.com/se


It is difficult not to want an electric car when you visit Tesla’s website. The design is stylish, and you can easily find more information about all the cars they offer.


7. Zooplus.se


Zooplus has won the “Big SEO Award” in 2020, and we understand why. The design is uniform, and it only takes a few seconds before you find what you are looking for, thanks to the clear menu system.

Without such a successful website, we think it would have been difficult to win the SEO award, as a stylish and functional website provides better visibility in the search engines.


8. Stayhard.se


Stayhard has a design language that appeals to the target group, i.e. men who want to buy clothes online. It is easy to find the products you are looking for, and the page loads quickly.


8. Careofcarl.se


A uniform design and logically placed menus are two of the factors that make Care Of Carl one of Sweden’s most attractive e-shops. It is easy to navigate around the page, and also to pay.


9. Ica.se


ICA’s website has been accused of not being so nice, but we think it is. ICA’s website also offers many unique features. One of these is that visitors can search for an ingredient, and at the same time get to see suitable recipes and the current price for the product.


10. Lendo.se


Lendo.se offers a flexible loan widget that looks good on all platforms. All information is presented in a clear way, and as a visitor it is easy to understand what to do to compare loans.


11. Hemsol.se


Hemsol is a comparison portal for solar cells, where the owners make money by mediating solar cell offers. The website is smartly designed when it comes to generating leads, and the design is sleek and consistent.


12. Booking.com


Booking.com needs no further introduction. The website is designed so that visitors can book their hotel stays and compare prices for hotels in the fastest possible way. They have succeeded in that task.


13. Veckorevyn.se


Veckorevyn has a stylish website that is perfectly adapted to their target group. It is easy to navigate via the menus, and the boxes are symmetrical and stylish.


14. Forsakringskassan.se


Försäkringskassan’s website is difficult to misinterpret. It is easy to understand how to create a user account, and the most important information is located at the top. We also like the symmetrical design language, which they achieve thanks to the stylish boxes.


15. Minimumfashion.com


Minimum Fashion offers an e-commerce store that has a nice design, which usually consists of two or four symmetrical boxes. The website conveys the minimalist thinking in an excellent way.


15. Koenigsegg.com


Koenigsegg has a nice website where you can immediately get more information about all their car models. The mobile-friendly menu also works perfectly on desktops with larger screens.


16. IBM.com


IBM has a website with logically placed menus, and article boxes that are both stylish and symmetrical.


17. Xbox.com/se


Microsoft has managed to design a very nice website, where you can quickly get where you want. The article boxes are also perfectly adapted to fit the page’s design language.


18. Theverge.com


The Verge is a great American technology blog that alternates a dark (top) and white (bottom) interface in an exemplary manner. They have also managed to create a unique design on the article boxes, which makes the whole page look cool and modern.


19. Sv.wordpress.org


Wordpress’s Swedish subpage may not be a design masterpiece, but you quickly understand how to get started with WordPress. In addition, all menus are placed in a logical way.


20. Looplabz.com

We at Looplabz consider it a bit biased that our website should also be considered attractive. With us, it is easy for visitors to understand what we offer, and we also believe that the simple and stylish design language inspires confidence.

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