Web design inspiration → Tips for web design 2023

Web design inspiration → Tips for web design 2023

10 Quick and easy website design tips


The web design you will have for your website is a very important part of the experience you give your visitors. However, it can often be difficult to know where to start. In order for you to have a good looking website, we have listed 10 web design tips that will help you along the way.


10 tips on web design

  1. Have a simple design that visitors understand.
  2. Create a mobile-friendly version.
  3. Have easy navigation on the website.
  4. Dare to let the visitors scroll.
  5. Align with the grid when designing.
  6. Fewer colors, let pictures speak.
  7. Use moving media on your website.
  8. Compress images you have on the website.
  9. Always start from target group adaptation.
  10. Update wordpress and plugins.


Below we talk more about the additions that have just been mentioned in greater detail.


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1. Have a simple design that visitors understand

Keep It Stupid Simple – KISS, is a common principle among web designers and means that you should have simplicity as your goal image. Try to reduce the amount of content for each page as it makes it easier for visitors to process and take in information on the page.


For most companies and their website, it is about delivering the info you want visitors to take part in or delivering the info that visitors are looking for in a short time and without distraction.


2. Create a mobile-friendly version

Mobile surfing has grown strongly for a few years now and today websites generally receive more traffic from mobiles than computers. Whether you are buying a website or building your own, it is good to prioritize this. It is important to create a user-friendly mobile-website as well.


3. Have a simple navigation on the website

This is partly related to the KISS principle but is about designing so that visitors are easy to understand, find and return. Create clear menu selections and buttons with good CTR (click-through rate). Avoid having too much text in the top menu (header) so that the focus is on the menu.


You can try using a “sticky menu” which means that when a visitor starts scrolling, the menu bar follows. You can also try to hide the menu, but when the visitor scrolls on the page, the menu appears.


The reason why you would like a “sticky menu” or the hidden variant is because the visitor does not have to scroll to the top of the page to find the menu.


4. Dare to let the visitor scroll

Visitors today are used to scrolling – as we discussed earlier, mobile use is part of our everyday life and scrolling is done everywhere now, from social media such as Instagram to digital magazines. Dare to create longer pages instead of compressing everything where all the info is to be made visible at once.


5. Align the grid when you design

A grid is often used in the creation of the website to make it feel more structured and float better. All content is controlled by the grid where you can not, for example, place an image or text between two boxes.


Following a grid is a more logical way to build than randomly placing bits. This grid is of course not visible to visitors.

6. Fewer colors, let the pictures speak

Scale down the number of colors on the website and instead use pictures to give color and vividness. Take advantage of the fact that visitors like to scroll, so use large images all the way to the edge of the browser, a so-called full-width image. This is an easy way to keep your website simple but full of energy at the same time.


7. Use moving media on your website

In addition to including images on the website, it is both trendy and good to rotate videos. The reason why this is an effective tool is because you can convey emotions and information in a completely different way.


It also turns out that videos create a deeper behavioral change in the visitor in combination with text and images. If you want to build a brand and create loyal visitors / customers, it is therefore worth rotating videos.


8. Compress images you have on the website

We want the website to be fast and react quickly, you do not want to have worked hard to get traffic to the website for these people to then leave because the website is slow. Therefore, be sure to reduce the format of the images to reduce the risk of this.


Since there are many suitable WordPress extensions for image compression, it is easy to fix this. In our article best wordpress extensions you can see which plugins / extensions can suit your website.


9. Always start from target group adaptation

All tips you have received so far must have had a starting point and focus from your target group. It is important to do this analysis to capture your visitors that you are targeting and that the design is adapted accordingly.


Target group adaptation can also affect the cost of the website in the long run. If you have not done the analysis, you are unaware of whether the visitors are navigating the website but also whether the website appeals to your target group.


There will always be a test phase, but you do not want to have to redo large parts of the website due to not having done target group analysis and an adaptation of the design accordingly.


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10. Update WordPress and plugins

Last but not least – make sure to keep WordPress and associated plugins updated. Do not forget to make a backup of the website before making updates. You do not want, for example, all SEO invested to disappear just because you forgot to make a backup.

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