How to create a WordPress website | Complete Guide [2023]

How to create a WordPress website | Complete Guide [2023]

How to build a WordPress website: Complete guide!

There are many publishing platforms that are both free and easy to use. But none of these beat WordPress, which is the world’s largest and most popular content manager system.

In fact, over half of all websites use WordPress, so you should do the same.

In this WordPress guide, we first teach you what WordPress is and then how to get started with WordPress, that is, how to create a website with WordPress.


Tip: From us you can get help with WordPress if you are stuck.


What is WordPress?

WordPress is the world’s best publishing system, with which you can create and manage web pages. This publishing system is also free, and anyone can start their own blog using WordPress without having any knowledge of web design or programming.

Note that WordPress handles the backend, i.e. what is required for you to be able to publish new content on your site. So does the front end, that is, the design that visitors get to experience when they visit your website.



7 steps to create a website in WordPress


  1. Get a web host. Which ensures that your website is visible on the web.
  2. Buy a domain name. Such as “mywebsite.com”, which will be your website address.
  3. Install WordPress via the web host. Almost all web hosts offer one-click installations for WordPress that everyone masters.
  4. Log in to WordPress. By entering the correct password and username.
  5. Upload a logo. Which you can create via Photoshop, for example.
  6. Install a theme and add-on. To make the website look better and work better.
  7. Publish as many articles as you want on your WordPress website.


7 web pages that you can create with WordPress


  1. A blog. Where you can, among other things, share what you think about things. On blogs, you usually see the most recently published content first, more specifically at the top of the web page.
  2. An e-commerce, where you can sell products. There are many great WordPress extensions that you can use to create a good looking and understandable e-shop.
  3. A company website, where you market your business. Through these websites, potential customers can contact your company and, for example, ask for quotes or book a meeting.
  4. A portfolio website, where you can show off what you can do. It is common for, for example, web designers, models or artists to choose to create a portfolio site, in order to market themselves with beautiful images.
  5. A web forum, where visitors can discuss with each other. There are many forums that are built using WordPress, and are both fast-loading and secure.
  6. An affiliate website, where you market products. Getting paid to market products is popular, and a WordPress website is perfect for the purpose.
  7. An education site, where you sell e-education. Selling courses is a great way to make money, and there are many WordPress extensions that arrange that functionality.


10 reasons to choose wordpress

  1. Getting started is easy. You do not need to have any knowledge of coding, and it is easy to publish both articles and pictures.
  2. It’s free. Downloading and installing WordPress costs nothing.
  3. It’s flexible. You can build any website you want, but note that it is a good idea to buy a website from us. Although it is not necessary to code a WordPress website yourself, the website will be much better if you leave the most difficult tasks to us.
  4. Relatively easy to understand. Publishing an article in WordPress is as easy as writing a document in Microsoft Word, and pressing save.
  5. It is built on open source. Which means that thousands of volunteers can constantly improve WordPress, and it benefits everyone.
  6. There are many themes. That is, building templates, which allow you to get a nice web page with just one click.
  7. There are many good additions. Such as SEO plugins and extensions that optimize your images. Note that we can develop WP plugins for you, which are better than the standard extensions available in the WordPress store.
  8. It is a secure platform. No software program is 100% secure, but since many people work together to make WordPress more secure, there is no publishing system that is more secure than WP.
  9. Getting help is easy. WordPress Sweden is the largest Swedish interest group for WordPress. There you can learn more about WordPress, and on the official WordPress forum you can get help from both developers and enthusiasts who use WordPress themselves.
  10. Free updates. Once you have installed a theme or extension, free updates are always included. You can also choose to install new updates automatically, which we recommend as it will make your website more secure.


Who uses WordPress?

There is no particular category of companies or individuals who use WordPress, as this publishing system is suitable for just about everyone. Among the largest companies that use WordPress, you will find Disney, Spotify and Airbnb, so you are in good company as a WordPress user.


WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org


WordPress.com is a free publishing platform where you do not need to buy web hosting or domain names, as it is included for free. However, your domain name includes “WordPress”, as in mywebsite.wordpress.com. You can also upgrade your WordPress.com package.


If you do, you get, among other things, more storage and an SEO package that is relatively powerful. But note that we do not recommend WordPress.com, as the free version there is too slim and advertising is displayed that only the parent company makes money on, and not you.


WordPress.org is also free to install and use. We recommend that you use WordPress.org. This since it is more flexible, but also because you get full control over the entire website and the hosting environment.


Note that you need to pay for web hosting and domain names, which cost from around EUR 70 per year. You get a lot more for your money if you run WordPress.org, which we highly recommend.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is it difficult to build a website in WordPress?

Getting started with WordPress is easy, but whether it’s difficult or not is subjective. It is easy to create a WordPress website that looks good, but to make your WordPress website look stylish and work perfectly requires experience and talent. We are happy to help you with that.


How long does it take to make a website in WordPress?

If you already have web hosting and a domain name, it only takes a few minutes to install WordPress on your web host. Making the most important basic settings like uploading the website logo and adjusting the front page and subpages usually takes about one to two hours.


Do I need a guide to create a website with WordPress?

You usually do not need a guide, as the installation process is easy to understand. The company you bought your web hosting from usually helps you if you get stuck, so following a guide is rarely necessary. You can always contact us if you have a problem, or wonder about something related to WordPress.

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