How to install an addon in WordPress【Guide 2023!】

How to install an addon in WordPress【Guide 2023!】

How to install WordPress plugins!


There are many good extensions for WordPress, but how do you actually install an extension and is it difficult?


The truth is that it is very easy to install extensions in WordPress, and there are three ways to do it.


3 ways to install a plugin on WordPress

  1. Via the app store. There are thousands of free add-ons in WordPress’ own app store.
  2. By uploading the extension in the WP interface. It is a must to upload apps that you paid for. Paid apps must not be available in WordPress’ official app store.
  3. Via FTP. It is cumbersome and difficult for beginners to upload add-ons via FTP. But despite that, we show you how to do it in this guide.


Below we talk more about the approaches we just mentioned in greater detail.


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1. Install your extension via the App Store


1. Select “Plugins” and then “Add new”



2. Search for the extension you want to install via the app store’s search field.



Click on “Install Now”



3. Click on “Activate”



4. Now the extension is installed, and you can find it by selecting “Plugins” in the left menu bar.



(2.) Upload and install the extension via the app store

1. Select “Plugins” and then “Add new”


2. Click on “Upload Plugin”, which you will find at the top right of the App store interface.



Click on “Select file”.



3. Upload the zipped version of the extension by double-clicking it. You can also choose to click on the extension once, after which click on “Open”.



Click on “Install Now”



4. After that select “Activate Plugin”. Then your add-on is installed and ready.



Tip: You do not need to install any app to access the WordPress media library


(3.) Install the extension via FTP

1. Open your FTP application, suggest Filezilla. Then you connect to your web host, and connect to your web page.



2. Double-click on the folder “WP-content”




3. Then select “Plugins”



4. Now you will see all your plugins in a long list on the right of the interface. Drag the folder with the WordPress extension from your computer to your WordPress web page. Then the installation is complete.



Answers to frequently asked questions about add-ons


What is the difference between an activated and an installed add-on?

An activated extension is used on your website, while an installed extension is dormant and thus does not do its job. You must enable your extensions for them to work, but if you are not currently using a specific extension, disable it. Then your page will be faster.


Should I remove disabled extensions?

It is a good idea to remove disabled extensions, if you do not plan to re-enable the extension soon. You should always update disabled extensions, and you will also receive annoying notifications from extensions that are not enabled. In addition, hackers can cause problems on your site through extensions that are disabled.


How many extensions can I install?

You can install as many extensions as you like, but note that your web page may load more slowly if you have installed more extensions than you need. How much slower your web page will be depends on how much CSS and other code the extension needs to load on your page.


Where can I find WordPress extensions that can be installed on my site?

You can find WordPress extensions on Themeforest.net and via Codecanyon.net. A good alternative is that you let us develop a WordPress extension for you, which suits your needs. Then the supplement is guaranteed virus-free, and in addition it is you who owns the supplement.


Do I have to log in to WordPress to install an extension?

You do not need to log in to your WordPress page to install an extension. Namely, you can install your WordPress extensions via an FTP client, to avoid having to do the installation via the WordPress interface. However, we recommend that you install the extension when you are logged in to WP.

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