How the media library works in WordPress【Guide!】

How the media library works in WordPress【Guide!】

All you need to know about the WordPress media library


It is a good idea to upload images if you have a website in WordPress, because then it will be more alive. But how do you actually upload images, and how does the media library work? We’ll find out in this article.


How to upload images in the media library

  1. Log in to your WordPress page
  2. Go to the tab “Media”
  3. Select “Add new” and “Select files”
  4. Double click on the file you want to upload. You can also select multiple images to upload many images at once.
  5. A progress bar is displayed, and the image is uploaded to the image library.


Criticism of the media library

A recurring complaint is that the media library is a bit cluttered, as all images are collected in one place without any clear folder structure. Among other things, you can not group the images by when they were uploaded, as all images are collected in the / wp-content / uploads / folder.


There are several good extensions for WordPress that organize your extensions in a logical way. Alternatively, you can ask us to develop a WP extension for you, which you own and which has the functionality you need for the media library.


NOTE! The images are pixelated for copyright reasons.


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Functions in the media library


How to resize your images

1. Select “Edit image”



2. Specify which new dimensions apply and press “Scale”



Note that you can also rotate, crop and rotate your image in exactly the same interface .



How to change the image information

Click on the image in the media library, and you can enter or change “alt text”, “title text”, “caption” and “description”. It is important to always state an appropriate alt text for people with screen readers to understand what is happening in the image.



Answers to frequently asked questions


Does it cost anything to edit images via the media library?

It costs nothing to edit images through the media library that WordPress offers. The library is always included from the start, and none of the functionality offered costs money. You can also choose to install a plugin to better organize your media library.


What can I do in the media library?

You can, among other things, change the resolution of your images, rotate your images and delete selected parts of the image. For example, an edge that does not fit. In addition to this, you can add a suitable title description, caption and alt text via the media library that WordPress offers.


Can I upload files to the media library via FTP?

You can upload files to the media library via an FTP client similar to the oneby Filezilla offered. To upload many images at once, drag them from your computer to your WP installation. It is usually worth uploading via FTP if you plan to upload more than 100 images at once.

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